Online Asset Management

A website is a great start, but do you have a Facebook account? How about a Twitter profile? Pintrest? Google Plus? Blog? Forum? The list goes on. You might be thinking to yourself “I do my business in store, I don’t need all of these services to be successful.” Well the truth is that all of these services can equal sales, even if it is not obvious.

All of these websites are what is called tier one buffer sites. Essentially we develop quality keyword rich content on these sites and link them to your main website. You can choose to hire us to perform in depth keyword research to optimize the content, but as a service in itselt top of the mind awarness of a business still often provides effective keywords.

Once enough tier one sites are in place, you are then free to build thousands of backlinks to them, and they will pass the credit that search engines see onto your main site. When linked directly to your main page through popular sites with high page rank and many members, those backlinks are weighed heavier than links coming from other pages with poor page rank. With enough high page rank tier one buffer sites, and enough backlinks pointing to them, a website will make great strides in moving up Google’s results.

As you can imagine, managing all of those tier one sites can prove a daunting and time-consuming task. Also developing keyword rich content relevant to your business is a full time job in some companies. Allow us to take on that burden for you and make the most out of your online assets.

Please note: Maine Coast Media's online asset management service entails only the management of content on already existing web based entities. Services for the initial development and backlinking of these entities can be viewed on out link building page.


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