Keyword Research

Selecting the right keywords for your business is essential in attracting not only a larger quantity of traffic, but also relevant traffic more likely to convert into sales. Not only do you need to find your businesses’ niche, you need to develop content rich keywords that can drive in relevant traffic for that niche. Any SEO marketing campaign walks a fine line in finding keywords that are popular enough to convert into sales, but not so general and abstract as to not be noticed due to high competition.

We work with the business to best develop the keywords that describe their niche. Once we gather a strong idea of the businesses’ position in their market, we use specialized tools to analyze projected keyword success. These tools give us a better understanding of how a keyword or phrase will perform. We can estimate the competition, the monthly projected traffic, and the likely conversion rate. We keep the keywords with positive results and scrap the keywords with negative ones. We then keep repeating the process until we are left with a list of keywords with a highly projected conversion rate.

Once a suitable list has been generated, you are free to use it in your SEO marketing campaign. Alternatively, you can use our link building service to ensure optimal keyword use and more relevant traffic to your site.


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